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1Building Certifications

Building Certifications are the independent auditing of structures to ensure that all elements are compliant with the relevant building codes. Aspects subject to audit include; safety, health, amenity, sustainability and power ratings. The standards to be adhered to are subject to change as technology improves and community awareness of broader environmental and social issues become factors.

2Building Inspections

Building Inspections are carried out by both government / community officers as well as by third party contractors with no vested interest in the finished outcome of a built or structure being erected. Independent building inspections are often called for as many independent building inspectors have a building engineering and construction background and in many cases are better trained to visually inspect structures.

3Building Audits

Building Audits can become necessary after significant natural disasters such as the "Brisbane Floods" which saw much of Brisbane under water in June 2011 or in even more extreme circumstances after events such as the "Christchurch Earthquake" in February 2011. Both events saw significant damage caused to both cities infrastructure and buildings, the result being (more so in Christchurch) many buildings for safety reasons destroyed.


“Building Industry Minister Simon Finn has announced compliance audits at building sites in flood-affected areas of Brisbane and Ipswich. “The audit teams are planning to visit about 6,300 active building sites during the five-day operation,” Mr Finn said. “The audits are designed to protect home owners by ensuring contractors are licensed, that they have compliant contracts in place and that home warranty insurance has been paid where applicable.” “The audits are designed to protect and help people, so the building inspectors in the teams will also be available to provide building advice to home owners and contractors, if required.” A typical fine for a first-time unlicensed offender is $2,000, the maximum penalty is $25,000 for an individual.”

-Simon Finn Building Industry Minister QLD 2011

“The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) says the rate of non-compliant buildings in Mackay in the state's north is unacceptable. A random audit of 112 properties under construction found 11 did not meet cyclone standards. "To make sure that people are held accountable," he said. "These are major issues - people are paying large sums of money to have their homes built and they would expect that those homes are being built according to standard. "If there is a widespread issue then we obviously need to have a look at the laws that apply and are they tough enough?"”

-Steve Griffin Commissioner Queensland Building and Construction Commission